The big staying-organized secret!

One of the nicest things I do every day (besides organizing of course) is to talk to people about my profession. Whether it’s a conversation with the greengrocer on the market or with a mother of a befriended toddler-girlfriend … I tell everyone: I’m a professional organizer! Especially since it took a few years before I found out that the profession exists, I want to share it with everyone now. Because this work is sooooo nice!


And a frequently asked comment that I get is; “Oh, but then your house is always neat and tidy!”. Well, my house really is not always tidy. I also live here with three children under 7, a husband and an old cat. And everyone here needs space to do his own things. But … what I do have is an organized house. So, everything can be cleaned up in 10 minutes. And that is exactly the biggest secret of every professional organizer: behind everything is a system, a way of thinking, a reason why it is organized in this way.


And of course, I also sometimes step on a piece of lego (as in the picture) or sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of laundry. But at three moments during the day, I (and my housemates) pull it up within 10 minutes: in the morning after breakfast, in the evening after dinner and one last time in the evening before I go to bed. And you can do that too, so it is possible for everyone to have an organized home. Go for it!

Good luck and have fun doing so!

Ciao, Eva.

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