This is me!

My name is Eva Kolk and alongside being a professional organizer I am also a mother of three small children. Together with my husband and elderly cat I live in Amstelveen.

After studying Commercial Communication, I enjoyed working as a Marketing professional for 12 years at several American and Dutch companies. Those working years ended with a great exciting year in San Francisco. And I discovered there, that I could do what I love as a profession. Organized by Eva was born. Since then I have helped Dutch homes become more organized and create room where there was none and loving every step of it.

As long as I can remember, I like organizing my surroundings. Something, other people around me always find a little strange. But, it makes me happy. Really. I am very happy if a room seems more spacious after a clean-up session or if the so-called “system” works because I can find my stuff quickly. And I do not only like it, I’m good at it.

I’ll like to meet you to find out where you want to get more space in your home and how Organized by Eva can help. See you!

With kind regards,



Foto by Danielle de Haan