Need help?

There are many different reasons why you can contact a professional organizer, but most of my clients belong to one of these three categories:

  1. There just are not enough hours in the day

You are fairly tidy yourself and like to be in an orderly living / working environment. But the week only has seven days and next to your job, it is hard to find time to organize certain routines or areas in your home. You just don’t have time for it. And that is where I come in! Together we ind out what you would like to change or optimize and we discuss how I can help. There are many options available.

  1. Looking for space

Your closets are just too full and your drawers are just too small for all your stuff. Time to take a good look at the stuff you really use or want to keep. Together we can go through your inventory and make these sometimes-difficult decisions. When it’s cleaned up, we can implement a system so you can keep it tidy in a way that works for you. Do you want to know how this works? 

  1. Change is coming

If you are entering a new chapter in your life, it is often also time to adjust your home accordingly. For example, the study needs to become a nursery, but where do you put all that stuff if you do not have an extra room? I’ve experienced it myself when I was pregnant with our third child. And with good organization and a fresh look, we will find that extra place in your home where your new roommate can sleep. It really does not have to be a private room, maybe we’ll find a corner somewhere that can be just fine. Let’s talk!

Each stage requires a different approach

In addition to these top three categories, you can also think about these next stages in your life. Sometimes life-changing moments, where a professional organizer can be a big help:


As the daughter of a Shell employee I used to live in many different places as a child, of which a few years abroad. And later in life, I also lived as an expat with my own family, when we moved everybody to San Francisco for one year. It was a beautiful and dynamic time. I’ve learned a lot in that year about taking care of myself and my family, so far away from everything familiar and known. I learned how to build a temporary house that feels like a home. And I can help you with that too in your (temporary) home. Think of help (re) moving, help in decorating your home, help in organize your household. I would love to help you and I live very nearby in the expat-hotspot of the Netherlands, Amstelveen. So, hope to speak to you soon!


As we get older we may need to downsize our living space. Or maybe we become more dependent on the help from others. Especially now, it may be extra convenient that certain things have a fixed place or that there is a schedule for activities that can help to reduce clutter during the day. It could help yourself, but also caregivers in the daily routine.


Maybe you love to paint, build things or maybe you have a large collection of trains. Nice to spend your time in that way, but unfortunately it always takes up a lot of space. I can help to find a way that you get all the space for your hobbies, but that in your home there is also plenty space left for other things…and people.


Are you planning to move soon or do you live in a temporary home until your new home is completed? Perhaps it is useful to have a good look at what you want to move with you to your new home and what stays behind. A good time to critical and structured check your belongings and make choices. I can help you to make the move as easy as possible, with only the things you really want to take with you to the next stage in your live. And the unpacked-in-two-days package will give you some precious time back, in a busy period of your life.


A loved one is deceased and the entire contents must be sorted and then distributed among the family. Sometimes difficult for family to do because it is often a lot of (emotional) work to be done, next to a job or taking care of the family. Obviously, I cannot make choices for you on the contents, but I can help you with a plan to getting things done in a structured manor so that you can keep control over the situation.